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Use with caution for it is of the highest power. This is a reference to collecting money or goods, which are owed. If someone owes you money, and they have not paid you, this can be an appropriate term to use. Pressies — similar to molly but in pressed form with extra vitamins added in. This is a term, like so many others, that will instigate laughter or anger when audible.

Roadie — This term applies to a person who carries equipment for a band. Hence, the name roadie.

They are the workhorses of the band that tune the guitars and set up equipment. Always make friends with the roadies. You know they have connections and it is usually easier to meet them, than said band. But, this can also refer to a road soda. Which is an alcoholic drink that you get at a bar or private club, which you could not finish while you were there.

Instead of throwing it out, they allow you to take it with you, thus creating the roadie. Rollies — A rolled cigarette. Many people are poor. Hand rolled cigarettes are cheap. Sammies — This is a Samuel Smith beer. Sam Smith, or Sammy Smith, or Sammy.

The Custy Awards

This is a dark, heavy, premium beer. It is a popular choice among many. Generally sold in Samuel Smith is one of the few remaining independent breweries in England, and further is the last to utilize the classic Yorkshire Square system of fermentation solely in stone squares. Hops are hand-weighed by the master hop blender, and the brewing water is drawn from a well sunk over years ago. First introduced to the U.

To this day, they remain among the most awarded. Scaley — Reference to good cocaine. If something is scaley, it has a scale like texture on the outside. Can often smell like ether. Usually of high quality, or at least implying high quality. I got your scaley right here! Scrilly — scrilla, scrill. This is money. When you got money, you got scrilla.

2016 Was a Great Year to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Grateful Dead

Specifically a reference to a certain type of weed called beasters. What dealers look for to sell at an inflated market price. If they are sexy they typically are very crystally with THC crystals , are of a pleasant green color, and possibly smell sweet- as opposed to smelling like hay.

Shorty sho-tay — We might be getting off track with this one. It is a reference to an attractive woman. Typically one with bloated or inflated feature s , such as ass and titties. Possibly used to describe the state of being after ingestion of said hallucinogen. If someone is Shwilly, they are drunk. Usually they are wasted drunk. If you are getting Shwilly, you plan on being belligerent, you could possibly turn into a wook , if you keep it up. Often used as a precursor to a nick name. Special thanks to Optahedron for reminding me about this word. This is in some ways an iconic slang, and it has done this dictionary justice by being included.

Here is his example, possibly taken from real life experiences. They are used to describe seedy, uncomfortable, — and potentially dangerous- situations, places, people, and things. You can use these words anytime your sixth sense pops up. Is that deal of yours starting to go bad?

Sounds Shady to me! Who is that questionable character you hang out with who always wears the backpack? He looks pretty sketchy. How much does that bag weigh? Looks pretty sketch. Some say this is a reference to snorting cocaine. To go skiing, is typically more of a reference to snorting cocaine.

Skiing is a verb and refers to said powder.


Skunky — a reference to weed that smells like a skunk. This is not an unpleasant smell. It is usually overpowering and smells florally skunky. A treat for the olfactory senses. Denotes a high quality. Splitty — a split windowed VW bus. These are so epic in the culture and history of concert attendees. Made popular by sheer economics, they are now an icon of cool and respectability. To have one is a measure of headieness as well.

Even though VW is far from Rasta. Far, far from it. Stealie — An abbreviated term for the steal your face logo, invented by the Grateful Dead. It is one of their most, if not the most, iconic symbol that they have. It is featured on flags, albums, chests and backs. It is undeniably cool, and consists of a unique lightening bolt resting inside an oval. This is on the forehead of a skull.

These two symbols combined create Captai …no, no, no. They create the steal your face symbol. And it kicks ass. Sticky — a reference to sticky weed. If weed is sticky, it typically smells pungent, and has a high THC content. This high content of THC enables it to be sticky. And by sticky, I mean it will stick to your fingers, or upside down on your ceiling. Stoney — A perpetual stoner, or a place of being. Someone who is high on pot. Not necessarily to a certain degree, but a general term for the look someone has while high.

Suby — a Subaru vehicle. Usually the Subaru outback, which is an all wheel drive car, is used to usher around wookies. Omnipresent at concerts, festivals, as well as the northeast and the northwest, these vehicles are a staple of the traveling concertgoer. They present to the audience a lower frill car, capable of braving all weather conditions, while coming off as less pretentious to the judging public. The mailman of vehicles. Keep in mind this association does not go unnoticed by Johnny law, and you may pay a price for style as in jail time.

Taddy -. A popular beer brand on the lot, it is generally sold in Porter was the first commercially brewed beer. It was named for the train porters who were its original servers and consumers. Very dark, fairly full in body and packed with flavor. Intense, dry tangy character of roasted barley. Tempy — This refers to a temporary person that travels with a band. Reasons being, lack of commitment, and a desire to temporarily blow their mind as opposed to all of us who sweated it out for months and years and are now brain-dead.

What a tempy. Still, moving on. Trippy — This term is not new. It is also something that is quite mainstream in the typical human bank of words. The difference between a Chad and a Custy?

Can also be directly associated with any sort of unnatural or supernatural experience or reference to colors. Colors associated with this word are often bright and blended. Trusty — Another epic term, brah. An abbreviation of trustifarian, or trust fund baby. A kid who is probably generally more naive at first at least , and can afford whatever they want. Usually not very grizzled, and often very clean. Quite frankly, traveling with a band on tour will leave you hella disheveled.

So if someone looks fresh and crisp by the last show, and you know that you have seen them during the whole run, chances are you just spotted a trusty. Now go call your mother. Tweaky — usually reference to drugs that are stomped on, or cut with a highly stimulating substance. They make your heart race, and paranoid illusions real. They are a lower quality, typically. Usually refers to powdered substances. Lower quality to lowest quality, sometimes used as an insult. Wookie — This was a character in the star wars movies.

It was a large hairy beast, incapable of pronouncing vowels, and spoke in a stentorian voice of foreign child-like, monster sounds. A creature of great strength, and just kind of nuts. Anyone can be a wookie. If you get fucked up enough, forget where you are, and start talking gibberish, you are getting close. Usually a wookie is accompanied by a pile of vomit, rolled back eyes, a foul stench, as well as inhibitors such as beer and drugs. Their appearance is disheveled, outrageous, and sometimes angry. Often times, you have no idea what they are saying, and you could walk away without them noticing, even in the middle of face-to-face conversation.

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They are the grungy side of heady — like a Siamese twin who got shortchanged on the organs. A debacle; possibly funny, possibly a disgrace. Wotie — Similar to shorty. In fact, just go look at that definition. Which is a benzodiazepam , an anti anxiety medication. It is used to treat anxiety or to come down from coke binges.

She had noticed that for a couple of days his car had been in the garage, the lights in the house left burning and the back door open. McKernan was found lying on the floor beside his bed, half-dressed as if about to get into bed. He had apparently been dead for two days. There was a chart beside his bed showing what he was eating and the time he was to eat it.

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McKernan had been living alone in a modified ranch-style place overlooking San Francisco Bay. A long-time friend of the group, in going through the apartment on Saturday, discovered a tape cassette McKernan had apparently recorded in the last week of his life. One of the songs is extraordinary for the way the lyrics and phrasing shift in and out of stanza form, and the melody likewise seems to be making its own way independent of any repeating pattern. Some of it clearly, maybe all of it on some level, is to everybody.

Ron left school at 16 and started hanging out at a Palo Alto club called the Chateau, where he met a young guitarist and banjoist named Jerry Garcia. The jug band became the nucleus of the Grateful Dead. That was his trip. On the way to the studio and low and behold. Lol feens crack crackhead custies videooftheday igers funny laugh haha fail crazy rhodeisland providence pole poledancing - 5 days ago. WeedMD gonna drop that mids-life crisis ignite weed.

Rich in rare terpenes like Misogynene, Douchalool, and Chadophyllene. That newbie high is the best high. Enjoy it while it lasts. Get ready for the tidal wave of distillate and fake terps. Lee Morgan Memorial Album by leemorgan. Man, every person is trying to buy Lee Morgan albums.

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