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Mostly, nail Polish remover alternatives are not only cheap, but they are risk-free too.

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After reading through this post, you will realize you can wipe off polish without using nail polish remover. The following are nail polish remover alternatives you can use. Here you use only need a piece of cloth plus warm water. Dip your fingers in warm water, and allow then to stay for up to 20minutes. Once the polish becomes soft, removes the fingers from water. Use the dry cloth to rub gently on the nails until the polish comes off.

Toothpaste removes nail color effectively like a regular polish remover. You need a toothbrush to scrub the nails once you have applied a small amount of white toothpaste. You can use body spray or perfume as an alternative before you replenish the nail polish remover. You can use either body spray or your favorite fragrance. If using spray, place the spray nozzle a few centimeters away from the nail with polish, and spritz on it. Wipe off the nail polish using cotton balls.

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Repeat the same for the other nails having polish. However, you are required to use a little more pressure to get results. You swab little perfume onto cotton balls and rub it on the polished nail. When used correctly, you get your fingernails clean instantly. It is possible to conceal nail color using a dark nail color. Darker nail shade works well in removing nail color. However, make sure the polish has not dried up.

You apply thick coats of the darker color on the already polished nails. Then, you wipe clean all the polish. You can use cotton balls for the cleaning. Top nail coat is mostly the transparent finishing coat. This nail polish comes in handy when you want to clean old nail paint. The process is easy though you may take some time to clean stubborn nail color. Apply a layer of topcoat on the old nail color and wipe off.

Repeat this process until the nails are clean of the paint. The hair spray is suitable for polish removal just as a body spray. Spritz the hair spray on the polished nails and use cotton balls to rub and wipe off the polish.

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You should be careful to finish the process within a short time. Once the hair spray overstays on the nails and dries off, it may cause drying and peeling of the nails. Take one spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and add one spoonful of vinegar. Mix them through. Take warm water and dip your fingers for up to 10minutes. Remove the fingers from water. Using cotton balls, rub the mixture on the nails.

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Click on your browser in the list and then hit the Force Quit button. When you restart Safari, you can hold the Shift key down when you start to keep it from reopening any windows, including the pop-up. Many malicious adware uses pop-up windows to get your attention or to scare you into installing even more adware.

Make sure your computer is pop-up free.

Both Safari and Chrome have pop-up blockers. Go to Safari preferences and click on the Security icon in the upper row, then click Block pop-up windows there. In Chrome, you simply click the Chrome menu three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner, click Settings, click Show advanced settings. Then, under Privacy, click Content Settings. Choose Do not allow any site to show pop-ups under the Pop-ups section.

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Click Done when finished. Both web browsers allow you to add exceptions if you need specific sites to open pop-ups. Sometimes, adware will change what homepage your browser starts up with or the search engine it uses to find stuff you want on the web. In Safari, go to Preferences and click the General tab at the top. Look at the Homepage field and make sure it contains the site you want to start up with, or is empty.

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Click on the Search tab and make sure the default search engine there is one you want. Safari and Chrome allow little programs called extensions to enrich your browsing experience, like Amazon Wishlist or Evernote.

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  6. In Chrome, go to the Settings menu again and click on Extensions. In Safari, head into the Preferences, click on the Extensions icon in the top row and then the extension you want to uninstall on the left. Click the Uninstall button to the right to get rid of the suspicious extension.